Thursday, March 6, 2014

Simple tips to obtain a perfect straight hair

Most of us wish to have a perfectly straight hair without having to struggle so much with the entire process and also its maintenance. In reality, these requests are not that impossible, considering the fact that you can go to a hair salon and have your hair treated with some specific chemicals to keep it straight even up to a year. Impressive, right? Well, the costs are also impressive and besides that, you risk damaging your hair texture.
Next to come, I will reveal a few methods that will help you obtain the prefect result by using only ingredients that can be found in your kitchen shelves.

1.    Have you ever thought that celery will help you obtain that straight hair you’ve been dreaming of? I bet not! Take a few celery leaves and chop them a little before adding them into a blender. You need to extract the juice and keep it in a bottle until the next morning. After you wake up, apply it on your hair carefully by making sure that you have covered your entire scalp and hair. Stay like this for an hour and then you should wash it very well. Now, all you need to do is blow dry it by using a circular brush.

2.    Another great and popular method is to create a mixture containing ½cup of milk with another ½ a cup of water. Mix it well and put it into a spray bottle. You shouldn’t forget to remove any tangles you may have before spraying the mixture on your hair and scalp. Comb your hair and leave it like this for half an hour, after which you have to wash it with water. This technique should be repeated at least 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

3.    Let’s talk about coconut milk. This treatment, that includes the milk extracted from one coconut. It’s not only the milk that can be found inside the fruit, but you have to grate the entire fruit and then blend it so you can obtain as much coconut milk as possible. Mix the extracted milk with the juice obtained from a lime and keep it in the refrigerator until the next day. You will observe that a layer of a creamy product has formed and that is what you have to use on your scalp and hair. After you made sure that you have covered every part of your hair, cover it by using a hot towel and stay like this for an hour. Wash it well and comb it to prevent any tangles. Repeat this technique 2-3 times a week.

4.    With a powder that cleans and lightens your skin, one egg white and 2 spoons of rice flour, make a mixture on which you have to add water in order to obtain a paste with which you should rub your hair. Remain like this for half an hour and then comb it. After 2 hours have passed, wash it very carefully using a good shampoo. Yet again, you should repeat it at least 2 times a week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Use a Flat Iron

No matter what type of hair you have, there is a moment in time when we want to have a beautiful, straight and healthy hair. In reality, if you don’t plan on making an appointment at a hair salon, the perfect solution to your hairstyle wishes represents the flat iron. Why? Because a flat iron has a technology that incorporates focused heat and also the resulting steam in order to straighten even the wildest piece of hair. Unfortunately, the result is only permanent, as it can last from a few hours (depending on the humidity) and up to a few days (until you decide to wash your hair or if you are lucky enough).

There are many people that consider the flat iron as a tool that will do incredible damage to the hair by burning it, but the reality is that, if you learn to do it correctly, you can obtain amazing and positive results.

Now, you might say that there isn’t any mad science behind using a flat iron, all you have to do is take a few bits of your hair and clamp them with the flat iron by pulling them thoroughly. Well, the reality is that there are a few techniques that must be followed in order to obtain perfect straight or curly hair. I bet most of you didn’t even know that you can curl your hair by using the flat iron, right?

Before we get to the basic steps that must be followed in order to use the flat iron proficiently and with great results, here are a few things you should know when you decide to purchase such an item. The reality is that there are so many types of flat irons on the market and you can get scammed pretty easy. All you have to do is check your iron and make sure it has ceramic plates and not metal ones because they tend to warm up much faster than the metal ones, they diffuse the necessary heat evenly and constant. The flat irons that are for professional use, have a tourmaline technology that with the help of some ions that are negatively charged and prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Another piece of advice is that if you have short hair, it is better to use a narrow flat iron so you can grab the shorter sections, and if you have long or medium hair, you can use a wider flat iron because you will finish faster. In both options the result is the same.

Generally, a good flat iron can be found at a price in the vicinity of $50, but if you want a perfect and reliable one, an investment of around $100 will leave you extremely satisfied.

flat irons
Next, let’s see what are the most important steps that you can follow in order to have a perfect straight hair by using the flat iron. 

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Step 1: After you have washed your hair and dried it a little with a towel, leaving it a little damp, apply a reasonable quantity of styling cream or straightening spray.

Step 2: An important aspect when you plan on using the flat iron is to make sure you protect your hair by spraying a heat protective spray.

Step 3:  Now is the time to dry your hair thoroughly. A flat iron must be used only on dry hair.

Step 4: It is recommended that the hair has to be sectioned in layers so it becomes much easier to work with. Always start from the bottom layer.

Step 5: You have to finish all your bottom layers before moving on. When you clamp the iron to your hair, make sure you clamp it as close as you can to your scalp and only then can you pull down on the entire length of your hair. Always check the instruction paper so you can see what is the correct temperature that you have to use and also for how much time. You should do this so you won’t create any damage to your hair.

Step 6: Once the bottom layer has been finished, create another layer above the finished one. Your goal is to make layer after layer until all your hair has been finished and you are happy with the result.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

7 Myths about hair

Let’s face it ladies, when it comes to our physical aspect, our hair is one of our biggest assets and this is why during the years and multitude of funny myths and legends have been created regarding the finished results.

There aren’t two women that have the same identical hair structure, size and shape. Some have curly hair, some have straight hair and others simply have a mixture of these two. Let’s not forget that women like to change their hair color each time they need a significant change in their lives so this is why some are blondes, redheads, brunettes or other strange colors. We are all different and we are proud of that.
Leaving these differences aside, we should admit that there is one common desire that will make us follow the strangest methods and legends: we all wish to have a shiny, natural and smooth hair. This is the reason we have created a list of the 7 most funny and strange myths that have appeared during the years. Let’s see if there is a slight piece of truth behind some of them. Here they are:

1.    The hair will grow thicker and faster if you cut it more often

The reality is that it grows with the same speed even if you cut it once in a while or as often as possible. In general, the hair tends to be thicker on the roots rather than at the ends, and this is why when you cut it you will have the impression of having more volume.

2.    Split ends may be repaired without cutting your hair

The only real treatment that can help you get rid of those nasty split ends is to use a really sharp scissors. It is true that there is a multitude of treatments and masks that do a great job protecting and keeping your hair healthy, but once it has been damaged, there are no treatments that can help.

3.    You have to wash your hair on a daily basis.

This actually depends on your hair texture. Some wash it daily and others believe that by doing so, it will only make their hair excessively dry. In general, the hair must be washed once you notice that he start losing his natural aspect. 

4. The hair mustn’t be washed more than once a week

Amazing how there can be 2 myths that are talking about the same things, yet they are so different. As it is mentioned above, you should wash your hair once you feel the need by using a shampoo that suits your hair type.

5.    If the hair has a tendency to get oily, you shouldn’t wash it often

If you follow this myth, you will have serious negative results. An oily hair will deteriorate if it is left unwashed for too long. The explication is quite simple: if the hair is not washed properly and all the impurities have been removed, it will stop the secretion of your hair’s natural oil, thus becoming drier and fragile.

6.    When you brush your hair, you have to brush it 100 times

You should brush your hair until it becomes untangled and smooth. Although it is said that brushing helps spread the natural oil throughout the surface of the hair, it is recommended to use it as it is necessary.

7.    Staying on your head will prevent losing your hair

Seems stupid, right? The logic behind this myth is that by standing on your head, it will improve the blood circulation thus helping the hair grow. The reality is that hair needs so much more than a good quantity of blood, to keep growing. All you will be able to obtain by following this myth is a great gymnast ability.

Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Mistakes Made Cleaning your Skin

You haven’t yet managed to arrange your hair in the way a good hairstylist would do, but you firmly believe that you have become a master in cleaning your skin. Are you really that confident? I wouldn’t be that sure about it.
Generally, women aren’t as good as they like to think, but that doesn’t mean they do not understand and respect all the hygienic and face cleaning rules. Without even realizing, you may commit a few mistakes that may end up damaging your skin.

Here are the 5 most important mistakes:

1.    You do not use water

If you don’t, the question is how do you manage to remove your makeup? Only by using a cotton disk and makeup remover? The reality is that the best thing to do is have your face moist before starting to remove the makeup. Scientists say that all the makeup removing cosmetics and products was created to work together with water, because water is the ingredient that cleans the skin, while the makeup remover completes this action.

2.    Aggressive exfoliation

Do not fall into a trap by believing that a product is more efficient if it is extremely powerful. In reality, the effect could be quite the opposite, your face skin is extremely sensitive and rashes and irritations may appear. It is recommended to use a gentle product that has to be applied by using slow movements. Also, you shouldn’t exaggerate in applying different types of masks – not more than twice a week.

3.    You remove your makeup to fast

Do you feel it is enough to pass once on the surface of your skin with a cotton pad containing some makeup remover? Well, it’s not. The perfect method is to do this process twice because when you clean your face the first time, the makeup remover is designed to get into your skin and remove all the accumulated impurities , and the second time you use the cotton pad it will remove them completely. There is nothing more damaging and destroying for your skin complexion than applying a nutritive cream on the skin that hasn’t been perfectly cleaned.

4.    What’s best for your body, works for your face as well

You would be surprised to find out how may women wash their face with the soap that is specially designed for their hands. Others apply body cream instead of nutritive cream. Let’s take for example the hand soap. It contains products and detergents that remove any excess sebum, but it is not that recommended for the sensitive skin complexion that requires constant care and protection. The result? Dehydration, the appearance of spots and a strange sensation of being uncomfortable.

5.  You wash too often or too much

Do you wash your face more that twice a day and more than two minutes each time? That is the biggest mistake you can make. Washing too frequently will make your face, in time, to become dry and have irritation spots and acne. It is recommended that you wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening, and if you happen to sweat during the day, you should wash only with water.