Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Mistakes Made Cleaning your Skin

You haven’t yet managed to arrange your hair in the way a good hairstylist would do, but you firmly believe that you have become a master in cleaning your skin. Are you really that confident? I wouldn’t be that sure about it.
Generally, women aren’t as good as they like to think, but that doesn’t mean they do not understand and respect all the hygienic and face cleaning rules. Without even realizing, you may commit a few mistakes that may end up damaging your skin.

Here are the 5 most important mistakes:

1.    You do not use water

If you don’t, the question is how do you manage to remove your makeup? Only by using a cotton disk and makeup remover? The reality is that the best thing to do is have your face moist before starting to remove the makeup. Scientists say that all the makeup removing cosmetics and products was created to work together with water, because water is the ingredient that cleans the skin, while the makeup remover completes this action.

2.    Aggressive exfoliation

Do not fall into a trap by believing that a product is more efficient if it is extremely powerful. In reality, the effect could be quite the opposite, your face skin is extremely sensitive and rashes and irritations may appear. It is recommended to use a gentle product that has to be applied by using slow movements. Also, you shouldn’t exaggerate in applying different types of masks – not more than twice a week.

3.    You remove your makeup to fast

Do you feel it is enough to pass once on the surface of your skin with a cotton pad containing some makeup remover? Well, it’s not. The perfect method is to do this process twice because when you clean your face the first time, the makeup remover is designed to get into your skin and remove all the accumulated impurities , and the second time you use the cotton pad it will remove them completely. There is nothing more damaging and destroying for your skin complexion than applying a nutritive cream on the skin that hasn’t been perfectly cleaned.

4.    What’s best for your body, works for your face as well

You would be surprised to find out how may women wash their face with the soap that is specially designed for their hands. Others apply body cream instead of nutritive cream. Let’s take for example the hand soap. It contains products and detergents that remove any excess sebum, but it is not that recommended for the sensitive skin complexion that requires constant care and protection. The result? Dehydration, the appearance of spots and a strange sensation of being uncomfortable.

5.  You wash too often or too much

Do you wash your face more that twice a day and more than two minutes each time? That is the biggest mistake you can make. Washing too frequently will make your face, in time, to become dry and have irritation spots and acne. It is recommended that you wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening, and if you happen to sweat during the day, you should wash only with water.